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Fans & customers:

Use the Portes App to connect directly to your favorite brands or artists in just 3 seconds, without any forms, accounts, passwords, email, phone numbers, or SMS.

Gain access to exclusive content and offers, without ever sharing any personal data. No tracking, no profiling.

It is as simple as scanning a code with the Portes app or tapping an icon in an app or on the web.

Brands & Artists:

A promotional campaign in 10 minutes that connects you to your fans or customers in just 3 seconds, with zero forms, personal data, or GDPR issues. Coordinate print media, billboards, apps, the web, merchandise, ticketing, offers, rebates, sales, endorsements and more. Build loyalty or VIP memberships quickly and privately with no lists to maintain and no privacy risks.

How your campaign will visually look without any professional graphics experience, and ensure a consistent look of your brand everywhere it appears.

All your partners with the same tool, and little to no technical expertise or complex integrations. If you can copy/paste URLs, you can use Portes to Promote.

Your campaign with your partners by simply using copy/paste to send them the materials and code they'll need to either connect you to your fans/customers, or verify them.

Fans and customers can optionally share your offers in messaging apps, online, in social media, and device to device, allowing your campaign to spread quickly and friction free.

Privacy and Security

The Portes Platform and App was designed without the need for accounts, usernames, or passwords. It does not need to collect nor transmit any personal data to operate. This includes device identifiers, IP addresses, usernames, passwords, nicknames, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

Portes cannot divulge any personal data because it doesn't collect any personal data.