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Share your status,
not your identity.

The Portes Platform protects you and your family’s privacy by allowing you to prove your status (what you are) to third parties, without revealing your identity (who you are).

What is Portes?

Portes allows trusted parties to grant your status in a digital format we call a DIID, which you can share with a third party.

This could be you are a human, an adult, a parent, a student, a child, or that you have some form of exclusivity.

DIIDs can be collected and stored in the Portes App, or in other apps running the Portes protocol.

End-user DIIDs contain no personal data, only proof-of-status.

Portes is private and easy to use because it doesn’t create or collect accounts, email addresses, phone numbers, usernames, or passwords.

Anonymous & Private

When requested, the Portes app will send randomized and anonymous proof-of-status directly to the third party requesting it in seconds. There is no other data shared with the requesting party, as the Portes App doesn’t have any other data to share.

Easy to Use

On Mobile

On your smartphone, whenever you see the Portes logo, a simple tap will launch the app and provide the platform with status verification in 2-5 seconds.

On Desktop

On your desktop, simply use the Portes app on your smartphone to scan the code that appears on your screen.

Parental Controls

Not only can you prevent unauthorised use of Portes on your own device, if you download the Portes app to your children’s devices, you can prevent them from activating a PortesCard and accessing platforms that require age verification (Powered-by-Portes).

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