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A Private & Secure form of Age Verification

Prove that you or your users meet required age restrictions with anonymity, security, and absolute truth.

Verify your Age with Portes

By using a combination of the Portes App and Onoro™ verification technology, the Portes Age Verification Card allows you to digitally prove that users are 18 or over while preserving their privacy.

How it works

Once you obtain a voucher and scan it within the Portes app, a virtual card is created on your device which you can then use for verification online and in person.

  • Download the Portes app
  • Obtain a voucher by showing a valid form of ID to the clerk.
  • Scan the voucher via the Portes app within 24 hours of obtaining it.
  • Secure your virtual card with a passcode and you’re done.

Security and Anonymity

Once a voucher is obtained, it must be redeemed by the Portes app within 24 hours or it becomes invalid. Once redeemed, the voucher is no longer valid and can be discarded, as the Portes Age Verification voucher is now on the device.

  • We never request personal data or store identifiable markers like IP addresses.
  • Site providers using Portes will never ask for personal data during the proof of age process.
  • Individuals will always know if the site requesting proof of age is licensed by Portes.
  • Using licensed Portes services reduces the risk of websites using pop-ups to trick individuals into giving personal data.
  • We generate randomised proof of age to third parties making it impossible for Portes to track or profile users.

Age Verification Voucher Prices


Single Device


Five Devices

Authenticate on Third Party Sites and Services

With a single tap, you can send proof of age to any third party app or service running Portes authentication technology. This proof is sent directly from the Portes app to the requesting party anonymously, and verification happens in just 2-5 seconds.

  • There are no accounts, usernames, or passwords.
  • Collects no personal, location, or device data.
  • Cannot be used to track users or create user profiles.
  • Expresses proof of age to third parties with anonymity.

Control Restricted Content

Portes can be installed on select devices too. If you run a business and your employees have work phones, you can restrict access to certain content. If your kids have a phone, you can block access to any age restrictive or sensitive content you like.

Once installed, the app can be locked to prevent access to restricted content. A locked Portes app cannot authenticate proof of age vouchers or other cards without parental or administrative permission.

Future parental controls will allow parents, services, and vendors to restrict access to inappropriate materials including:

  • Certain media (ex. NSFW)
  • Social media sites and apps
  • Alcohol and/or tobacco-related content
  • Gambling and/or gaming sites
  • Sites with content about or the sale of solvents, fireworks, knives, etc.

Partnership with AgeID

We are proud to announce our partnership with AgeID. Providing people around the world with the safest way to verify their age in online interactions.