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The remarkable new platform that connects artists directly to their fans in under 3 seconds, with a bespoke VIP experience.

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How it works

Create a Campaign

  • Grab some graphics and collect all your favorite social media, music, video, site, touring, ticketing, and partners links.
  • Collect your exclusive VIP-only links
  • Drop them into the Portes authoring tool
  • Set your scarcity, age group/parental, and payment options
  • You’re done in just 10 minutes

Export and Distribute Your Codes

  • Portes generates everything you’ll need to capture fans or verify their fan status
  • Share QR, Tappable, and NFC Codes to both Activation and Verification Partners
  • Activation partners help you to capture your fans while verification partners can now verify your fans
  • No personal data is required or collected
  • No deep integrations are needed
  • Create exclusive opportunities only limited by your imagination

Super Simple and Fast to Use

  • Fans simply scan/tap to capture what we call a DIID into the Portes App on their device in under 3 seconds
  • Inside each DIID are all the links and VIP experiences you’ve included
  • DIIDs are unique to each device and cannot be stolen or spoofed
  • DIIDs are live, so you can deploy changes to all fans instantly
  • Use Push Notifications to let your fans know where there’s something new in your DIID

Distribute Codes to Capture Fans Anywhere

Distribute Codes to Capture Fans Anywhere

DIIDs vs Websites/Email/Social

  • Websites have trouble driving fans back to experience new content without the use of email campaigns and social media. They are time consuming to maintain.
  • Email campaigns can get more more costly as your audience of fans grow. They also have a high signal to noise ratio and are subject to spam filters.
  • There’s nothing truly personable about email campaigns, and they can’t truly create a VIP experience. They are subject to spam filters and have a high signal to noise ratio.

Meet the Fastest Direct-to-Fan
VIP Experience on Earth

  • Create a bespoke VIP fan experience in just 10 minutes
  • Capture fans in 3 seconds via QR Codes, Tappable Links, NFC, P2P, and AR
  • Works everywhere: print, online, in-app, and social media
  • Own the relationship with your fans
  • Unlimited fan activations
  • Push Notifications keep fans engaged
  • Anti-Fraud/Anti-Bot technologies eliminate click fraud and ticket touting
  • 100% GDPR and COPPA Compliance

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